is a site dedicated to the sport of on-line simulated auto racing using Papyrus NASCAR 2003. Our purpose is to bring together drivers to help each other become better on-line racers, and promote the sport of on-line racing.

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Clem Auto Racing Team

The Clem brothers started racing go-karts 45+ years ago, although we haven't raced go-karts in over 30 years we still have the racing bug. The number 7 car Roy_Racin AKA Roy Clem is the eldest of the team. To save Roy the embarrassment I won't tell you how old he is (57). He spent many years racing go-karts around Fresno, California and more often than not taking first place. His moment of glory came when he competed in the go-kart nationals in Las Vegas, taking a 4th overall with the only kart in the top 10 without factory sponsorship. In the last 25 years Roy has run a few autocrosses, driving his brothers Opal GT. Roy is starting his third year sim racing. 

Tester AKA Wayne Clem started racing go-karts at the age of 5 and his moment of glory (in go-karts) came by surviving his first race in the junior class. Wayne started racing Auto-cross about 30 years ago. Starting with a Morris Miner (d stock class), it took 4 or 5 races to get his car and driving up to speed, but was able to run consistently in the top 3 after the first few races, racking up a number of first place finishes.  Wayne has also auto-crossed an Opal GT and other cars. The first year he raced his Opal GT he was competing against Porsche 911s and other cars that outclassed his Opal (thank God they changed the rules and properly classed his car after the first year). His most memorable race was his first year in the Opal competing in a class with 15+ cars 10 of which were the 911s, Wayne managed a 3rd place finish behind two drivers driving the same car.....You guessed it- a 911s! Wayne started racing sims with Indy Car 2 and racing on line a little over four years ago running N3. If anyone has seen his wife, please tell her he is out of cigarettes.


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