is a site dedicated to the sport of on-line simulated auto racing using Papyrus NASCAR 2003. Our purpose is to bring together drivers to help each other become better on-line racers, and promote the sport of on-line racing.

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New Old Stock Tubes

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Becoming a Member


Becoming a member is easy. All you have to do is be a clean driver, and send us an email asking to be included. We will send you an email with instructions, and invite you to join us in some trial / practice races. You donít have to be fast to join, but you do have to be a clean and courteous driver. You will be evaluated for your ability to hold your line and to handle passing and being passed. You must read and follow the rules established by Members of may also host/join open races to look for you clean and courteous drivers and may ask you to apply; however this will only be an offer to apply. You must still send us an email asking to join and may be asked to run some practice races with us.


Drivers will be required to drive in practice / evaluation races and be approved by the Simcar Monitors. You may be invited to join subject to conditions that may be addressed in your acceptance email. If your acceptance is conditional, or you are placed on probation pay head to the conditions, failing to do so may be cause for suspension or termination from approved status. If you are approved you may submit your custom car for download. Lets have some racing fun!





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