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  1. Courtesy: While in any Simcar.Info hosted race you will be expected to treat all drivers with respect. No name-calling, flaming or other retaliation will be allowed. This will result in a penalty, suspension or termination of membership.

  2. You may not use the name Simcar.Info (copyright) to host races unless; you are a member of and are a Monitor or approved Host or given permission by Simcar.Info to do so. Dedicated hosts are preferred but not necessary.

  3. Any Simcar.Info member may host a Simcar.Info race with or without a password. Simcar.Info races may be hosted by a dedicated host using a name other than, in this case you will be notified by email or on the Web Site.

  4. No reckless or overaggressive driving allowed.

  5. No tire scrubbing is allowed during the Pace Lap or on Caution Laps.

  6. Starts and restarts: The same passing rules apply for starts and restarts. On road courses the pace lap will be run single file. The driver on the pole should maintain a constant speed until taking the green flag. If replay shows a driver slowing down in an attempt to cause other drivers to receive a black flag, that driver will be penalized. Absolutely no one is to lag back to get a running start on the field. No passing a car in the same pace line as you until after turn 1 on road courses, or on the backstretch on oval tracks. You may pass lapped cars on the restart, if done safely. Please use your F2 to see if cars around you are a lap down and the distance of other cars around you.

  7. In the event that the caution comes out you must maintain your position back to the start finish line. With 10 or less laps remaining, you may safely race back to the line. When there are less than 10 laps to go in a race, restarts will be single file. Drivers not on the lead lap should proceed down pit road. They do not have to stop in their pit stall. There is to be no passing on pit road. This will allow cars in front to race each other to the finish. Failure to follow this rule may result in a penalty, if you cause a wreck or hinder the advancement of a car on the lead lap you will receive a penalty. Wrecks under caution may result in a penalty being accessed.

  8. A driver that spins his car out two times bringing out a caution in a race should slow down or park it, three spins and you need to park it (see Penalties below). This rule applies to racing events and not practice races. Contact that sends a car spinning is an accident and not a single car spin, however if it is determined that the accident was due to overaggressive driving it will count as a spin for the driver at fault. If you spin out more than 2 times in the same race, ask for some help, do more off-line practicing and slow down.

  9. There will be no blocking with more than 10 laps to go. If you are racing someone and they get their nose underneath you DO NOT cut them off, hold your line and race them clean! Failure to do so will result in a penalty. If you are racing side by side going into a turn, the driver on the inside must not drift up into the outside driver while in the turn, and must not drift out to the wall cutting off the outside driver when exiting the turn. The driver on the outside must take a higher line through the turn leaving a racing lane open for the inside driver, and must not come down, or cutoff the inside driver. Use your mirror and F2 key to see if a car is above or below you. If a car is somewhere alongside you, you must allow this car the line entering the turn. Simply, if a car gets alongside, you are to give him that line be it high or low. Hold your line.

  10. Drivers making a pit stop should indicate with auto-chat messages, when possible. Slowing down to enter the pits. Drivers should drop to the bottom of the racing groove and enter the flat portion of the pit entrance at a safe speed, taking care that the car doesnít spin in front of other drivers. When pitting, drivers should be aware of other cars entering/exiting their pit stalls. Keep your car on the outside lane until you are close enough to enter your pit stall.

  11. When exiting pits, drivers should stay below the white line on the apron until it is safe to re-enter the racing surface. Your spotter will let you know when it is safe to get back on the racing surface. Failure to follow the spotterís instructions could result in a penalty. The driver exiting the pits has the responsibility to safely merge back into the racing groove. Wrecking a driver while you are reentering the racing groove after you leave pit road will be subject to penalty for reckless driving.

  12. Hosts and Admins: All hosted races must use the password currently in use. Also all Admins will be issued boss/admin passwords on races. The Host or Admins may eject any driver with serious or multiple violations of rules. ANY HOST or Admin caught abusing their authority will have their Host or Admin privilege removed.

  13. If you are a Simcar approved driver and you see any infractions of these rules you may file a complaint. Any Admin may file a complaint on any driver who violates any rule. To file a complaint, save your replay and send it with the type of infraction and the car in violation here. Please send only what is needed DO NOT send the whole race! So, save your replays.

  14. Admins will review the incident and will make a ruling and assess the penalties. The offending driver will receive an email stating the violation and the penalties assessed. The offending driver will be able to appeal the ruling. The Admins will evaluate the appeal and make a final decision. All appealed rulings are final.

  15. Penalties: Minor infractions, you will receive a warning. Multiple minor infractions may constitute a major infraction. Major infractions will be reviewed and the offending driver(s) will be issued a warning and / or suspension ranging from one day to removal of their Simcar.Info approved rating. You have 24 hours to file a complaint, if you do not file within 24 hours then we may not act on the complaint. Do not complain about another driver while the race is still in progress. Wait until the race is over and check the replay. If you feel the other driver is at fault, send him an email or file a complaint. Most drivers will admit when they make a mistake and may not be aware of their mistake at the time. Don't get into an argument with the other drivers. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Please use common sense when deciding if it's necessary to file a complaint. Drivers filing multiple complaints on another driver without good cause will be considered retaliation against that driver. You should keep a replay of the race in its entirety. If Simcar.Info receives a complaint against you, your replay may show something different and could save you from being accessed a penalty. Most of the time, racing incidents are the direct result of warp. If we only have the replay of the driver who is complaining against you, and it appears on the replay that you are at fault, you could suffer a penalty for an incident that was caused by warp. You can delete the replay after 72 hours of the completion of the race. If you haven't been asked for it by then, you probably won't need it. Note: If you are competing in a tournament or special event and are suspended you will not be able to compete while suspended. If you are removed from Simcar.Info for a serious violation and you rejoin (see below) you will lose any points you may have had before suspension. If you have been suspended for serious violations multiple timeís, Simcar.Info may permanently suspend you as a member. Penalties will work like this; for a minor violation (as determined by Simcar.Info) score 1 to 5 points and a major violation score 6 to 10 points. You will be allowed 25 points in any one month. Drivers that spins his/her car out more than two times bringing out a caution in a race will receive a 5 point penalty, plus 7 points for the third spin bringing out a caution. This penalty will apply only after the third spin. Note retaliation, intentional wrecking and badmouthing other drivers are subject to ejection at the discretion of the Host and Admins.

  16. All drivers who have a complaint filed against them will have an opportunity to defend themselves. Simcar.Info Admins will handle all complaints without bias or favoritism. Simcar.Info will send the driver in question a "Notification of Complaint", which will alert the driver that a complaint has been filed against them. The driver in question will have 48 hours to respond with a replay of the incident and any explanation. The ruling will be passed on to the driver in question shortly after the ruling is made.

  17. If a driver has been removed from Simcar.Info Membership that driver may reapply after 30 days or an amount of time determined by the Admins, and may be required to run evaluations races and be re-approved. Conditions may apply, re-approval is not guaranteed.

  18. These rules are a starting point. Our goal is for higher quality racing for all members and fewer cautions. Rules may change from time to time. You are responsible to check the rules for changes that are posted on the web site. Major changes: member will be notified by email. However, that doesnít relieve you from your responsibility to check here.

Please remember that we are here to have fun! So letís race each other clean.

If we have missed anything or see something you donít think is needed let use know.


By signing up you agree to the above rules and that you are at least 18 years old.


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