is a site dedicated to the sport of on-line simulated auto racing using Papyrus NASCAR 2003. Our purpose is to bring together drivers to help each other become better on-line racers, and promote the sport of on-line racing.

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2003 Series Champions!

Overall Simcar.Info Cup Series Winners.


Congratulations Banchee!

He take the Overall Simcar.Info Cup Series Championship with two quarter series wins, one 2nd and one 3rd!


Hendricks takes 2nd in overall points by finishing 2nd in points in three out of four quarters.

Tester finishes 3rd in overall points. Finishing all four quarters in the top 5 and winning the last quarter


Simcar.Info IROC Series Winners.


Congratulations Roy!

He wins the IROC Series without a single IROC win by finishing consistently in the top five, five out of six times.


Congratulations to Droctor K for his 2nd place finish! Though winless DroctorK managed three out of six, top five finishes.


Congratulations to Mfour4 for his 3rd place finish! Only running 5 of the 6 races, Mike wins the last IROC race of the season and moves into 3rd.


Simcar.Info Run Off Winners.


Congratulations Banchee!

He wins the Run Off without a single win and running only three of the four races.

Banchee managed to finish in 2nd place in the three races he ran.


Congratulations to CrazyHorse for his 2nd place finish! He finished three of the four races in the top five.

Congratulations to Tester his 3rd place finish! With only 2 of the 4 races in the top 5, his win the last race moved him into 3rd.




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