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2011 Friday Night Simcar Demo Series

The 2011 Simcar Demo Series Point Standings

This is a series we run for fun. Only the winner of each race is scored 1 point for the win. Only drivers with a win are listed below. There will be 5 race nights with 3 races each night for a total of 15 races scored.

Ron is still the man to beat at Mission, racking up 9 wins out of 15. Congratulation Ron!

Race Results

Race 1 Tester
Race 2 R Langley
Race 3 Tester
Race 4 R Langley
Race 5 R Langley
Race 6 R Langley
Race 7 Tester
Race 8 Randall
Race 9 R Langley
Race 10 Randall
Race 11 Tester
Race 12 R Langley
Race 13 R Langley
Race 14 R Langley
Race 15 R Langley





R Langley







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